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The Watch And Jewellery Repairs Experts in
New Malden

Watches and Repairs: Welcome

Watch And Jewellery Repairs 

Ramsey Jewellers have been repairing jewellery for a period of over 100 years. The majority of our jewellery repairs can and are done in-house. We understand that your jewellery does not just hold some monetary value but often holds some very emotional connection too. This is why we always treat your jewellery as though it was our own and take the greatest of care with every piece.

Watches and Repairs: Services

A Stunning Range of Watches

Classic Leather Watch

Dress Watches

Nothing finishes off an outfit like that perfect accessory. Whether you are attending an important function, a party or you simply want something to stand out from the crowd, we have a great range of time pieces for him and for her.

Clock Gears

Prestige Watches

At Ramsey Jewellers, we have an ever increasing range of watches including those ever elusive special editions. If you are an avid collector of time pieces, you are in the right place. We highly recommend you get in touch with us or come visit us to view what we have to offer so you can add to your personal and much loved collection.

Golden Watch

Watch Repairs

From a battery or strap replacement to the replacement of worn parts. 

Whatever your watch, Ramsey Jewellers have been competing professional repairs on time pieces for a period of over 100 years. From a prestige or collectors watch to a dress watch with inset diamonds, you can rely on Ramsey Jewellers to keep your watches ticking.

We do not just repair watches, we also complete professional jewellery repairs in our high street store.

Watches and Repairs: Testimonials
Watches and Repairs: Text
Watches and Repairs: Contact

Jewellery Repair from Ramsey Jewellers

In every instance, we always recommend you bring your broken or damaged jewellery to our premises in order for us to be able to assess the piece properly. This will allow us to assess the damage properly and the remedial work needed.
During this assessment and prior to any work commencing, we will advise of what we would need to do to complete the repair needed and any potential outcome before you make a decision to proceed.


"Very happy with a professional service, gem of a place. Words can not express my gratitude. Thank you all at Ramsey Jewellers!!"

Tiffany Pann

Wedding Bands

Ring Repairs

As rings are worn on the hand, they are prone to knocks and scrapes which can and often does cause frustrating damage and tarnishing. At Ramsey Jewellers, we have over 100 years of experience in repairing all kind of rings. Many of which we understand hold a great amount of sentimental value. From re-setting stones and repairing claws to repairing a cut ring. You can rely on us to look after your jewellery.

Necklace and Chain Repairs

Necklaces and chains tend to be very delicate pieces of jewellery and it can be surprisingly easy to damage. From a broken clasp or lost stone to the chain itself breaking. Do not worry, bring your necklace or chain and its broken pieces if you have them and we will use our expertise to advise you of the best action to take. What is more, depending on the remedial work required, we may be able to complete the repair while you wait in our shop.

Pocket Watch

Other Repairs

We do not just repair rings and necklaces. We can repair most types of jewellery or watches and return your treasured piece back to you in one piece. We have even been known to repair glasses when the local opticians have not been able to complete the repair themselves. No matter what the piece, bring it to us and we can take a look to see how we can help you.

Contact Ramsey Jewellers

Looking for professional jewellery repairs?

Get in touch with us or visit us in New Malden.

020 8949 4485 

Ramsey Jewellers
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